Rock Star Poet is a poetry book series written by Jed Gustafson; poetry, modern poetry, contemporary poetry, American poetry
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Rock Star Poet is a book of poetry written by Jed Gustafson; found under poetry, modern poetry, contemporary poetry, & American poetry.

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Rock Star Poet; Poetry Book

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The Boulder Bookstore - 1107 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO


The Tattered Cover Bookstore - 2 Locations - 1628 16th Street, Denver, CO & 2526 East Colfax Avenue, Denver,CO

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Rock Star Poet Volume II

The Rock Star Poet series continues as artist & author Jed Gustafson releases Volume II: Soul On The Edge. Introduced in 2004, the first installment titled 'Rock Star Poet' has had a warm reception since its publication in early 2006. Gustafson continues to examine life at its basic and other times convoluted stages. Different poems seem to dance with issues that can either make or break our lives depending on what we give up and what we take in.
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Rock Star Poet gives an uncommon voice to the commonplace and explores and explodes the oft-times narrow gap between the abject and the exalted...
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rock star poet - Jed Gustafson
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Rock Star Poet Vol. I published in conjunction with Ete Presse Publishing 2006
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Rock Star Poet is a book of poetry written and copyrighted by Jed Gustafson.