Rock Star Poet is a poetry book series written by Jed Gustafson; poetry, modern poetry, contemporary poetry, American poetry
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Rock Star Poet is a book of poetry written by Jed Gustafson; found under poetry, modern poetry, contemporary poetry, & American poetry.

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Rock Star Poet; Poetry Book

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Rock Star Poet - Author Biography

Rock Star Poet author, Jed Gustafson, is committed to bring poetry back to the masses and into the hands of today's generation. He is dedicated to making poetry more accessible to people around the globe and furthering the relationship between performance and the spoken word.

Jed Gustafson was born in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, Minnesota in 1978. He majored in Communications at the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a focus on Television, Radio, and Film. It was here where he began to mix his research about modern communication with an ongoing intense study of writing, literature, and poetry. Gustafson currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Officially starting in the year 2000; he fronted, played bass and was the co-writer of material for the rock and roll band the Crazed Individuals. Jed is the owner/operator of, he's a booking agent/promoter, and a singer/bass player. Now, he's also a published author.

Rock Star Poet gives an uncommon voice to the commonplace and explores and explodes the oft-times narrow gap between the abject and the exalted...
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Broomfield, CO 80020
Direct: (720) 327-2163
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Jed Gustafson LLC
Rock Star Poet Vol. I published in conjunction with Ete Presse Publishing 2006
Copyright 2004-2010
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Rock Star Poet is a book of poetry written and copyrighted by Jed Gustafson.